(Celeb & Falcons) My Exciting flight on board Etihad Airways

I know it’s been awhile since my last post. I got really busy with my studies and traveling back and forth, But I’m really excited to share my new adventure 😀 

Knowing that I’m a student in Petra University located in Jordan and my family lives in Muscat,Oman, I travel every Sem break or whenever my university announce a holiday. Anyway last month I was able to visit my parents and on my way back, I had the most exciting flight ever on board of Etihad Airways.


Even though I traveled a lot but I never seemed to get used to the good-byes. I was really sad and never thought I would smile till I get used to the separation, but “Al hamdulillah” God gave me a reason to smile the entire flight. Starting from Muscat International Airport to Abu Dhabi, I noticed that our flight was 10 minutes late from taking off. Then I noticed an elegant sky blue vehicle parked and a lady stepped down. At first I thought maybe she’s some important person from abroad, to my surprise it was Nancy Ajram. She’s a famous female singer in the Middle East, I won’t lie I got a little bit excited that she sat right behind me.

Arriving in Abu Dhabi I watched how Nancy Ajram had to walk really fast to reach the lounge so that no one would notice her, I guess celebrity life is not as fun as we thought.

As I lined up at my next gate I noticed a couple of falcons standing on some sort of bench, I was puzzled at first wondering if they will be on board with the passenger. Well I guessed right everyone where shocked when a couple of Emirati men entered each holding 2 to 3 falcons and the female flight attendant was really scared. I got excited when one of the men sat near by who seemed to hold the oldest falcon in the group due to his size , the whole flight I was admiring the beauty and elegance of the bird. It just sat there and didn’t move at all, I had to wait patiently to reach the airport so I could take a picture.



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