Villaggio Mall.. its not just a mall!!

20130909_120254   20130909_104635

Time for some shopping and my next destination is Qatar. And one of the places that cought my attention was Villaggio mall in Doha. I know when you hear its a mall you would think ‘its just like any other mall you’ve been to, no big deal’ but OMG!! There’s a river inside the mall.. Yeah A RIVER.. And there is a gondola in the middle of the mall that will take you for a ride for only 1 RQ. I felt like I was in Venice, the interior design of the mall makes you feel like you are outdoors. The roof is brilliantly painted in away that it will give an allusion that you are looking at the sky during day time.

Plus it includes everything that any other mall would have, like an ice skating zone, bowling center, cinema, food court, carefour, a theme park (O.o) yeah they have an indoor theme park water coaster, roller coaster, carousel you name it!! And my favorit of all a ferris wheel.

For more details visit

20130909_114532   20130909_10444420130909_104452


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