My Family Adventure to Salalah, Oman (part 2)

After hours and hours just sitting in the car, we finally reached our destination “Yaay”. We were overwhelmed by the sudden change of the climate.. I mean we were in the middle of the desert and suddenly everything turned green and the temperature dropped from 40 degrees to 23 degrees of cool air. Salalah actually has a desert climate but temperature drops and it becomes very cloudy in July and August.. Its called the Khareef season which means the fall season.

My father swithed off the A/C and opened the windows, we couldn’t believe it. We felt like we were in a tropical country like Malaysia. I was out of words, these pictures would explane more.


Now i realized why alot of tourists come here during the summer, its really amazing. When we entered the city we finally had network connection Yaay, and we couldnt wait to reach Marriot hotel. I mean if being in a long flight we say ‘jet laged’ what about a 12 hours drive.. Shall it be Car laged :p

Shockingly we drove another one hour out of the city “Whaaatt!!!” Turns out Marriot hotel is located near Mirbat which was a one hour drive from Salalah, and guess what!! NO network connection ‘AGAIN’. We hoped that once we reached the hotel there will be any means of communicating with the outside world. THANK GOD ‘EL HAMDULILAH’ there was wi fi available only in the lobby, and cable internet in each room. Although it felt weird not hearing our phones ring during our stay, we enjoyed our vacation and spending sometime away.

These are some of the places we were able to visit:

  • Khor Rori

SONY DSC  ????????

  • Al mughsel

????????  SONY DSC

  • Job’s Tomb peace be upon him. (An’nbi Ayyub alahi sala’am)


  • Imran’s Tomb peace be upon him. He is the father of Mary “Maryam alaiha sala’am”, the mother of Jesus “Eesa alaihi sala’am”.


  • Marneef cave


  • Wadi Darbat

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