My family adventure to Salalah, Oman (part 1)


After my visit to the Lagoon Hotel & resort in Jordan, my next stop was Salalah a special place in the Sultanate of Oman. Adventurously we (my family) decided to travel from muscat (the capital of Oman) all the way to Salalah which was a 12 hours drive by car ( crazy I know O.o).



It was a really long trip, the road looked like it had no end. Nothing but dessert,  luckily each one of my siblings had a way to entertain themselves.. I pads, cellphones, Psp, tablets, etc. But when we crossed half way and found ourselves in the middle of the dessert we lost our network connections ( NO INTERNET FOR THE NEXT 6 HOURS). O.o 

But we were excited to reach our destination, everyone said after along trip in the dessert you will be amazed how the climate will suddenly change and everything is all green 😀

Lets see what will happen… till my next post


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