Siopao is a popular type of food in the Philippines and Thailand, it is also known in China as Baozi which means steamed bun or steamed bread. Siopao comes with a different variety of fillings like chicken, beef, duck, and egg. In the Philippines most restaurants and cuisines serve two main flavors that are well known Siopao Asado and Bola Bola. My personal favorite is Asado extremely “masarap” which mean delicious.

Asado Siopao contains 286 Calories, 10g of fat, 57g of carbs, and 14g of protein in one serving which is better than eating a burger. Bola Bola Siopao contains 286 Calories with only 3.6g of fat, 53g of carbs and 10g of protein.

Next time you plan on visiting an Asian country make sure you try out thier steamed bun or dumplings. Remember each country has its own flavor.



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