Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

One of our crazy adventures led us to an island in the Philippines called Bohol. We went to see the Chocolate hills, thanks to my amazing older brother he told us that the hills is named Chocolate hills because it’s full of chocolate trees and we got so excited.
It’s actually called the Chocolate hills because it looks like the chocolate kisses of Hershey’s. They told us that during the dry season the color of the hills turns brown, but when we got there it was during the rainy season so it was all green “disappointed”.
But the view was still amazing and breathe taking. I was told that there are four legends explaining the formation of the hills, but only one took my attention. The legend says that a giant named Arogo fell in love with a simple mortal young lady named Aloya eventually she died due to old age which caused a lot of pain to Arogo and he couldn’t stop crying and his tears created the chocolate hills.


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